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Sept.11 (Reuters) – Here is a course of events for Sept. 11, 2001, when business carriers collided with the New York World Exchange Place twin pinnacles, the Pentagon and, after travelers mounted a counterattack, a Pennsylvania field.

Almost 3,000 individuals were killed, including more than 2,600 at the World Exchange Community, 125 at the Pentagon, and 265 on the four planes.



American Carriers Flight 11

0759 EDT: American Carriers 11 withdraws from Boston for Los Angeles

0814: The flight triumphs when it’s all said and done its last normal correspondence with the ground

0819: An airline steward calls the carrier’s booking office in North Carolina by means of an airphone and reports a crisis

0841: An obligation director in American Carriers’ activities community in Fortress Worth, Texas, is told air traffic regulators have announced the flight a seizing and think the plane is made a beeline for New York’s John F. Kennedy Global Air terminal

0844: North Carolina aircraft representative loses telephone contact with the airline steward. One more airline steward in a call to American’s office in Boston says: “Something isn’t right. We are in a fast plunge.” Requested to peer out a window to attempt to figure out where they were, airline steward says: “We are flying excessively low.” Seconds after the fact she says, “Good gracious, we are excessively low.”

0846: Flight 11 collides with the World Exchange Community’s North Pinnacle


1028: North Pinnacle breakdowns

Joined Aircrafts Flight 175

0758: Joined Aircrafts 175 withdraws from Boston for Los Angeles

0842: The flight reports a “dubious transmission” caught from another plane (American Aircrafts 11). It is the flight’s last correspondence with the ground

0852: An airline steward calls the aircraft’s San Francisco office and reports the plane has been captured, the two pilots killed, an airline steward cut and criminals presumably flying the plane

0858: The flight takes a making a beeline for New York City

0903: The plane strikes the World Exchange Community’s South Pinnacle

0958: South Pinnacle falls in 10 seconds

American Carriers Flight 77

0810: American Carriers 77 withdraws from Dulles for Los Angeles

0854: Flight goes astray from allocated course. After two minutes transponder is wound down

0900: An American Carriers chief learns correspondences have been lost with flight, making it American’s second plane in a difficult situation. All American Aircrafts trips in Upper east that have not yet taken off are requested to stay on the ground. American makes the ground stop cross country in the wake of learning an Assembled Aircrafts plane is absent

0929: Flight 77 autopilot separated

0934: Ronald Reagan Washington Public Air terminal exhorts U.S. Secret Assistance of obscure airplane heading in bearing of the White House. Plane makes a 330-degree turn and focuses toward Pentagon and downtown Washington

0937: Flight 77 collides with the Pentagon

Joined Carriers Flight 93

0842: Joined Carriers 93 withdraws from Newark for San Francisco

0928: Flight 93 abruptly drops 700 feet (210 meters). Eleven seconds into the drop aviation authority in Cleveland gets the first of two radio transmissions; skipper or first official is heard proclaiming, “Mayday”

0958: Flight 93 traveler attack on thieves starts

1002: Flight 93 blasts through field in Shan ksville, Pennsylvania

Government Flight Organization acts

0906: FAA stops takeoffs of all flights bound to or through airspace of air terminals constrained by New York airport regulation and adjoining control focuses

0908: FAA ends departure of all non military personnel planes from one side of the country to the other

0945: FAA arranges all non military personnel airplane to land at closest air terminal as quickly as time permits; 4,546 flights were airborne


0905: President George W. Bramble is situated in a study hall in Sarasota, Florida, when his head of staff murmurs to him, “A subsequent plane hit the subsequent pinnacle. America is enduring an onslaught.” Shrub stays in the study hall around five to seven minutes

0935: President’s motorcade leaves, showing up at air terminal somewhere in the range of 0942 and 0945

0954: Flying corps One leaves with no proper objective and terrains at Barksdale Aviation based armed forces Base in Louisiana; fighters encompass the plane before Shrubbery plunges. Hedge is traveled to Washington on a reinforcement Aviation based armed forces stream

*Sources: The 9/11 Commission report by the Public Commission on Fear based oppressor Assaults Upon the US; the 9/11 Dedication and Exhibition hall; FBI files on 9/11 examinations; Reuters article, “Witness: With President Bramble after the planes hit on Sept 11”

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